Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Don't come to council with personal problems-DC tells councilor
South African Flag
Government has decided to revise the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme in an effort to meet the current as well as future needs of commuters and to stimulate the economic potential of the industry. The Department of Transport has also appointed a new taxi-scrapping agency that will facilitate the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme on behalf of the department. This was announced by the Minister of...
United Democratic Front
Why are the supporters so happy? They look delirious! Why are they dancing? Check out more videos here
Malawi Elections 2018
Defeated. President Peter Mutharika has finally given in to demands of his wife, First Lady Gertrude Mutharika and his trusted security aide Norman Paulos Chisale to pick little known Ntcheu MP Everton Chimulirenji  as his runningmate in the watershed May elections.  We can exclusively confirm that Mutharika will unveil Chimulirenji  as his...
BRICS Leaders 2018
Theo Neethling, University of the Free State Much has been made about China’s role and profile in Africa and the factors underlying its activities on the continent. Less debated is the spread and depth of Russia’s contemporary presence and profile in Africa. There was a strong Russian influence in Africa during...
The Alliance
Pictured above is the Alliance for the May 21st 2019 elections. In the Pact: (1) UTM will contribute the presidential candidate.  (2) PP will provide the running mate. (3) Aford will provide the vice presidency.  (4) TPM will provide the speaker.
Malawi Elections 2018
What did Twitter have to say about the May Elections? It seems that the television debates are taking shape and should be a useful insight for voters. The VP's assistants have been released from jail and with 193 MP's there are now plans for more - enough now!
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750 Voters certificates were found in Mangochi West on the 2nd of January 2019 in a primary school called Chemawanu by the cleaner. The school had been used which had been used where an MEC verification process has taken place. As reported by Nyasa Times, details shows that the serial number of the certificate...
United Democratic Front
On Thursday 3rd of January the UTM's first ever nation wide primary elections were thrown off course. In Rumphi Central the primaries were attacked and the Chairman was badly injured. As reported by NyasaTimes, the attack on the UTM Primaries took place on Thursday by unknown rough necks in Rumphi Central causing injuries.
President Mutharika with_Obamas
By Lydia Bomani Have you ever sat down to think about the real Peter Mutharika, our President. It is known fact that not much is known about this president. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know. Born on July 18, 1939 in Thyolo District. Mutharika never studied in any...