Friday, January 24, 2020
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President Cyrill Ramaphosa Express his sympathy at the Death of 24 Prop
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Zomba accident driver arrested
M1 Bus car accident
Four people have tragically died in a road traffic accident today at Chitale in Balaka along the M1 road. Four people were driving in a Nissan. It's a fatal one all the passengers in All four passengers in the Nissan Wingroad died at the road side. Passengers in the bus sustained minor injuries. The...
Masm Ambulance crashed in Lilongwe, Malawi
Car accident in Lilongwe, Malawi Around 10:30am on Thursday 6th of December near Tsoka Market in Lilongwe a pick-up crashed into a Masm Ambulance.  On lookers  reported that the pick-up failed to brake in time and as a result turned sharply loosing control and hit the ambulance. Three people at the scene were...