Former Civil Sporting club midfielder Patrick Thupi has asked the club to go by what they agreed in his contract despite the team releasing him in February this year.

Thupi has said that his contact with the area 9 based civil servants team was due to end in June this year and he agreed with the team to be receiving his monthly salary with the team until June a thing which is not happening and is yet to receive k750,000 which was part of signing on fee for a contact he signed in 2018.

“I was shocked to be notified in February this year that my services are no longer needed at the club but I accepted as that happens in football and I asked them to give me money for my remaining months of the contract and my signing on fee which they told me I will receive once they get funding from government but to my surprise am yet to receive my money while Some of my fellow player whom I was released with have received their money.

“Am asking Football Association of Malawi (FAM) and Super League of Malawi (SULOM) to intervene on the issue as I am a player who relies on money from my football career to support my family”, he said.

Commenting on the development Civil Sporting club general secretary Ronald Chiwawula said as a government sponsored team they follow procedures when they are giving money to anyone at the team.

“Right now some players have received their signing on fees after we received funding and as I said earlier we follow procedures when doing everything at the club which means once we get the next funding we will those who have not yet received.

“Patrick Thupi had a contract with the club which was to end in June this year but was released in February and one can not be receiving salary from government when he is not working.

“The agreement we had with Patrick Thupi is only what is in the contract and as Civil Sporting club we respect and do to our players what the contract says,” Chiwawula said.

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