Malawi’s referee, Bernadette Kwimbira-Nzika was recently selected to attend a FIFA match officials seminar in Qatar ahead of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France in June.

Kwimbira-Nzika, who is Malawi’s Assistant Referee for Federation of International Football Association is among the 27 referees and 48 assistant referees from 42 different countries which the world’s soccer governing body selected for officiating the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

“FIFA in cooperation with the confederations, recently developed a revised list of 35 referees and 69 assistant referees, representing all the six confederations and 56 countries for the biggest tournament in women’s football,” the statement reads.

The FIFA badge holder referee, who is set to make her second FIFA World Cup appearance after she run the line at the 2015 edition in Canada, said she feels honoured to be part of the 13 elite referees selected from Africa for the training.

“I will work very hard to ensure I do well during the seminar to convince the members of the FIFA Referees Committee of my skills and abilities during the assessments to make it into the final list for the World Cup,” Nzika said.

According to FIFA, the candidates are chosen based on game performance, football understanding and fitness and for the first time at this stage of preparations for the Women’s World Cup, FIFA is announcing the referee trios.

Corinne Dupont

Married to an African, both of my children born in Africa, travelled extensively through Africa.. my soul is part of Africa. I write to inform, I write to make change, I write to educate.. I write in French, Spanish and English.


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