The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) hosted a two days infrastructure workshop for the world football governing body FIFA at Ryalls hotel in Blantyre which attracted 34 participants from 15 African countries.

At the he workshop which was held on Wednesday 15th May to Thursday 16th May , FIFA through its football facilities and income generating manager Daniel Krebs commended Football Association of Malawi for putting to good use money from the Forward program to transform the Mpira village at Chiwembe in Blantyre and emphasised the importance of infrastructures in football development.

“Malawi has successfully used Money from the FIFA forward program in developing the technical center so we though of having this workshop with delegates from 15 other countries from African for them to learn how their friends have done it,”

“FIFA is supporting all national associations in infrastructure development as without good stadiums, pitches, technical centers, FA offices it’s not possible to run football “, Krebs said.

FAM president Walter Nyamilandu, who is also FIFA council member said Malawi succeeded in the use of the funds as it had a good plan.

“We had a good plan as far as infrastructure development is concerned. We didn’t want to spread the infrastructures across the country but we put them at one place which was easy for us to monitor progress of each project.

“We also had good support from the Malawi government . When we wanted land we were able to be given some and it’s very important for us a body running football in the country to have a good relationship with different stakeholders for football to develop and we admit the ministries of Education, Sports and Culture and lands for their corporation in our projects “, Nyamilandu said.

Nyamilandu further said that it’s a big honor from FIFA for the country to host the workshop and it’s a sign the world football governing body is impressed with how things are run by FAM.

“It means we have impressed FIFA interms of infrastructures development that’s why they gave us a chance to host the workshop which will also help us to further do better as we will share knowledge with delegates from other countries “, Nyamilandu said.

FAM used funds from the FIFA forward program to construct it’s offices, hostels , recreation center and the Chiwembe Stadium at the Mpira village, Chiwembe in Blantyre and the workshop attracted delegates from Mozambique, Eswatini, Lesotho, Cape Verde, South Sudan, South Africa, Tanzania , Eritrea, Gambia , Liberia, Seychelles, Somalia and Uganda.

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