The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has warned against the unsporting behavior conducted by various players of different super league teams who record videos about ridiculing and insulting opponents and circulate them on social media.

In a statement released by FAM signed by general secretary Alfred Gunda says the FA is greatly concerned as the conduct contravenes the spirit of respect for the game and fair play and the rules and regulations of different local competitions as the behavior brings the game of football, FAM, sponsors and other relevant stakeholders into disrepute and create unnecessary tension and bad image among stakeholders.

The statement further strongly condemns the behavior and urges all players that in the spirit of promoting fair play and respect for the game the behavior must stop.
Part of the released statement reads

“We hereby warn that anyone who will be found to have contravened the principles of fair play and respect for the game in future will be sanctioned accordingly “.

FAM has therefore reminded clubs of their responsibility to ensure that their stakeholders including players adhere to fair play and respect for the game principles.
Players from different super league clubs have been uploading videos of themselves holding money and other luxury staff on social media.

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