As the campaign period is in progress, Malawi Electral Commission (MEC) has encouraged people in the country to attend political party rallies regardless of the person or political party holding the rally.

MEC director of media and public relations, Sangwani Mwafulirwa, said this will help Malawians to hear manifesto’s and make a better decision on who to vote for come may 21 polls.

He further said that people have the right to vote someone who deserve to bring a change in the country according to his or her manifesto.

As such, all Malawians are being urged to vote wisely for their vote will bring a total change to the whole country.


Regina Maere

I was born in Mangochi and educated in Dedza at Umbwi Secondary School, Following Secondary School I attended The Institute of Journalism, Lilongwe. Inspired by great writers, with a passion for writing it is my ambition to inspire others too through writing.


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