We once again express our apology to all clients we could not host/ book and all artists and production companies we had to cancel their shows following prolongation of the expected period, thank you for cooperating.

Madsoctheatre Update
The past 5 months has been an engaging and hectic period as we have been renovating Madsoctheatre. Replacing old plumbing, upgrading the entire venue, extending the residents alongside landscaping the garden. We are so overwhelmed with the experience and results, Mwezi Arts greatly appreciates the input from all contractors, service and hardware suppliers, Lilongwe Water Board, SABA Construction, Blessings Builders, Chiya Transport, Mwezi Staff and patrons that visited and left advice and encouraging words and spirit. Special thanks to our clients that continued to host their events cooperating with the construction environment. Bible Society Malawi, Al Mamood Association, Glam and Glory, Screen writers Guild Malawi and Chidaya family, your support is our pivot. Thank you.

Rebranded! New season. We are excited to reopen Madsoctheatre Festive season with a special debut event “Selfie Short Film Project”. A Screenwriters Guild Association of Malawi project “Selfie Short Film Project” is on Saturday 8 December.

“Selfie Short Film Project” is a short film festival showcasing films shot by amateur filmmakers using phones. The project aim is to empower and promote filmmakers with no tools to tell their stories. The festival team selected exclusive original films to be screened alongside a Screenwriters Workshop and Awards Presentation to the outstanding films. It is the “Selfie Short Film Project” debut event and surely a not to miss experience for film lovers and those who would not miss a chance to discover untold stories.

Standard Tickets MK2000
VIP tickets are MK6000

Screenwriters Guild of Malawi has been supported by Mwezi Arts and still seeks more partners and supporters for the success of the “Selfie Short Film Project”.

For tickets, bookings and information contact the following event team:
Marcel Mtambo 0882 40 03 90
Isaac Mafuel 0881 93 11 83
Aram Nyondo 0884 26 19 88
Gilbert Moyo 0881 59 4444

Or contact Madsoctheatre box office +265 995 442 292 email mweziarts@ymail.com

Save the date and get your tickets!

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