Youth in Agriculture for Economic Development (YAED) says there is need to make youth-friendly health services available to young people in various communities in Chiradzuru district, so to enable them access the services, and make good choices in as far as sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is concerned.

The organization’s Director of Programs Happy Arnold made the remarks on Monday during launching of an awareness project at Group Village Oga headquarters office which among others the project the project tackling issues which includes SRH, Gender Based Violence (GBV) and HIV/ AIDS.

Arnold said as organization they are implementing an awareness campaign that undertake a message response to young people on SRH, HIV/AID, Gender based violence, Sexual Reproductive Health and school dropout.

“Our aim is to equip the beneficiaries on access to SRH commodities and access to HIV prevention, care and support, but also explore the social context as a way of understanding broader attitudes affecting the targeted them,” he said.

He adds: “As organization, we believe that young people are very important to the development of Malawi and lack information remains a public problem meaning very little is known about SRH, HIV and AIDS GBV with its related risks and burdens within different population groups.

As such we are keen to making and created a Malawi with young people who are health, energetic and productive to create to all sectors of the development.”

Commenting on the matter, one of the participants for the talk, Mercy Phiri, thanked the organization for the project saying it has come at the right time when many girls in the area are engaging in early pregnancies due to having unprotected sex, a thing she said can ruin their future.

The organization started 2016 by young people with different qualification with the aim of finding sound breaking solution to poverty through investing into young people agri-entrepreuneurship and is implementing the project with financial support from HerVoice fund.

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