A local Non Government Organisation (NGO) in Traditional Authority Mkanda in Mulanje, Othakarhaka foundation in collaboration with Chambe secondary school students and teachers on Wednesday planted 15,000 tree seedlings around the school compound.

Othakarhaka foundation Executive Director Ida Puliwa Mwango said in an interview that due to an increase pressure on natural resources in the area they decided to create a buffer zone with the aim of reducing further delapidation of the environment.

She said now is the time for young people took pivotal roles in championing environmental management among other issues.

“As of now, Chambe zone is in need of more trees so as these students are leaders of tomorrow its vital to plant more trees right now to save future generation,” she said.

Puliwa further underscored the need for various stakeholders and other NGO’s to hasten their efforts to support their project.

“Though we have nursery where these trees are from but any partner willing to help us with seedlings, the door is open. As we all aware that climate change and environmental justice needs good strategic approach hence the need for targeting public institutions like schools and church just mention a few.” she persuaded.

Chambe secondary school students and teachers on Wednesday planted 15,000 tree seedlings around the school compound.

In his remarks, Chambe Secondary School Deputy Headteacher, Peter Asibu expressed his gratitude towards the development and called upon all students to take full responsibility in caring for the planted trees.

“We need to be front liners in ensuring the sustainability of these trees for the benefit of our communities at large,” he said.

The organization was registered in 2012 as NGO and they also run girl empowerment project, palliative care, sustainable agriculture, tailoring school, secondary school and university bursaries.

Tree planting
Chambe secondary school students planting trees

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