Weather forecast for Malawi, for all the regions on 25 December 2018, Christmas Day. This weather report is an overview for the day ahead.

Sunrise: 05:16
Sunset: 6:13

ADVISORY: Watch out for flash floods and never attempt to cross flooded or fast flowing rivers or streams.

Shire Valley: This includes areas along Shire river, Lakes Chilwa and Chiuta Valleys.
Partly cloudy  and warm in the morning. Very hot with few thunderstorms later in the day.

Forecast temperatures for Ngabu:
Minimum: 23℃
Maximum: 34℃

Southern Highlands: This area includes Shire highlands, Kirk Range up to Dedza. Expect locally heavy thunderstorms and  rain showers during morning and  in the afternoon.

Forecast temperatures for Blantyre
Minimum: 17℃
Maximum: 24℃

Central Areas: This area includes Lilongwe, Mchinji, Dowa, Ntchisi, Kasungu and part of Mzimba District

Cloudy with localized  thunderstorms during morning and later in the day.
Forecast temperatures for Lilongwe
Minimum: 18℃
Maximum: 24℃

Lakeshore Areas: This includes areas along Lake Malawi.
Expect heavy thunderstorms and rain showers in the morning and afternoon.

Forecast temperatures for Mangochi
Minimum 22℃
Maximum 29℃

Northern Areas: This includes all areas north of Mzimba
Cloudy with rainy weather during morning and later in the day.
Forecast temperatures for Mzuzu
Min. 16 ℃
Max. 24℃

Michael Tembo

My Name is Michael Tembo, from Dowa District, Mkulula Chisomba Village, born on the 23 October 1994. I'm Christian, a member of the Malawi Assemblies of God. I grew up in Lilongwe where I went to school, in 2015 I completed my Malawi School Certificate of Education at which point I was selected for various Universities. As a proud of Malawi I am passionate about leaning and growing businesses to support Malawi in becoming a great Nation. I'm currently the Regional Supervisor for, a news website for young Malawi' people.


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