Social media and the young generation


The first recognizable social media site was created in 1997 (Six Degrees) . It enabled users to upload a profile and make friends with other users.
In the year 1999, the first blogging sites became popular, creating a social media sensation that’s still popular today.
In the past years, people especially the youngster used to use different local ways of interacting like playing soccer, playing different games like bawo, dancing various traditional dances like chimtali, manganje etc…
Social Media today 
Looking at how fast technology is, social media is now all over among all generations. Facebook, twitter, Skype, What Sapp, and others are the most liked social platforms where people are easily communicating.
People are then wondering if social media has impacts. Oh Yes! It has. Both positive and negative. It is indeed true that social media is coming part of peoples priorities.
Majority of the youngster regard social media with more positivity than negativity because too them, the world has been united by the touch of a button, bringing friends, families as well as business associate to a platform of visual interaction.
Social media has simplified a lot of activities to the youths of nowadays. For instance, one student from Lilongwe Technical College named Martha Abalekana said she spends much of her time on whatsapp at her leisure time.
‘I am doing Community Development and I am the representative of my class. As such, every work that is supposed to be submitted to fellow students pass by me through whatsapp which is the first reason why I like whatsapp or social media,’ said Abalekana.
‘I even created a class group so that some urgent information like assignments can be easily accessed by everyone in the class which makes things easier for me as a representative,’ she explained.
If one is not capable of loving social media, he or she is viewed as old-fashioned.


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