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On this day in Africa in 1991 During the Gulf War Iraq fired six Scud missiles into Saudi Arabia. All were either intercepted, or fell into unpopulated areas. However, in Tel Aviv, a Scud eluded the Patriot missile defense system and struck the city, resulting in three deaths.

On this day in the World in 1813 During the War of 1812, British forces under Henry Proctor defeat a U . S . Contingent planning an attack on fort Detroit.

On this day in the World in 1575 English Queen Elizabeth I granted Thomas Tallis and William Byrd a music press monopoly.

Born on this day in 1561 Sir Francis Bacon was born in London, English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator, and author educated at Cambridge.

On this day in World in 1440 Ivan lll ( The great) Grand Prince of Moscow and all Rus, tsar from 1462-1505 , was born and conquered Lithuania.

Born on this day in 1798 Lewis Morris (71), US farmer died. He signed the U.S. Declaration of Independence as a delegate to the Continental Congress from New York.

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