Art and craft in youth empowerment programme

African Art by Koko Komégné
African Art by Koko Komégné

AAn art can be referred to something as a superior skill that you can learn by study, observation and practice. These are products of human creativity while craft is a skilled practice of a practical occupation.

Jordan Art and Craft Programme
Mzuzu-based artist, Jordan has been willing from the childhood to become an artist in terms of arts and crafts so that he has become a trainer to other youths. His dreams are now becoming a reality whereby Jordan has plans to start offering free art lessons to the youth in Mzuzu at an advanced stage.

In an interview with the director of Art and Craft director, Jordan Mbenu Mughogho said that he will be offering free lessons to those youths who are willing to become artist. He urged parents and guardians to support their children with writing materials, paints, and brushes the rest is for free.

Mughogho said the lessons he is about to offer to Mzuzu youths seek to empower youths who are wrestling with unemployment. He emphasised that whole training will be done in Mzuzu specifically in Chibavi Township whereby lessons will be offered during weekends while during holidays, they will be offered during weekdays.

‘We will start by conducting career guidance in line with the lessons to identify those will to undergo the lessons,’ he said.

’United we stand, divided we fall, as such, there is no need to wait for donors to assist us. If the potential of assisting others is there, let us take the role,’ said Jordan.

Mughogho further said upon completion of the lessons which participants were attending for a month, every participant will be granted a Technical Entrepreneurial Vocational Training Authority (Tevet) certificate.

The trainer, who is also Visual Artists Association of Malawi (VAM) vice president, said not only the youth are being targeted in the program but it is also an inclusive initiative.

‘Every individual is welcome regardless of ones background like tribe, gender, religion etc. No qualification is required except ones interest in art,’ he said.

‘Screen printing, painting, sign writing, banner writing and many more are the lessons that the program will be offering,’ Mughogho said.

Youth’s reaction
One of the youths in Chibavi Township-Mzuzu, Chindikani Harawa aged 20 said he happy with the coming of Jordan Art and Craft programme because he will learn a lot from him and he is looking forward to the lessons.

‘I have always practised on my own. This is my opportunity to gain and perfect my skill in painting and sign writing,’ he said.