Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Where can I find free WiFi in Malawi

Where can I find free WiFi in Lilongwe?

Here are 6 places in Lilongwe you can get free wifiWhy not try one of these 6 places in Lilongwe that we’ve...
Tay Grin Limbani Kalilani

Who is Tay Grin? Music artist, businessman, politician. [profile, video]

Name: Limbani KalilaniDate of birth: 15 June 1984Nationality: Malawi, BlantyreOccupation: Rapper singer, businessmanGenres: Hip Hop AfrobeatsSongs: Chipapapa, Lubwa, Tola, Mama, 21Limbani Kalilani...
Holiday sign

Here is a list of the Malawi Public Holidays in 2019

Holiday sign Planning a holiday, need to know when you'll have a day off work or study?
Primary school children eating porridge before school

Malawi’s education challenges summarised in numbers

Primary school children eating porridge before school. Picture by Michael Tembo Recent surveys have ranked Malawi’s literacy amongst...
Water: Livelihood and Scarcity

Livelihood and Scarcity: Water in East Africa

Extreme weather due to climate change is wreaking havoc on East Africans who depend on the soil, rivers and lakes to survive.
Drought in Africa

Why is Malawi poor? Stricken with disease, plagued by droughts and floods, doomed through...

Poverty is defined as the state of being poor. This is the state of having little or no money and few or...
thunderstorm-98541_640 (1)

Weather forecast for 17 January

This weather report is an overview for the day ahead ADVISORY: Expect rain with occasional thunderstorms over more areas of northern and central parts of the...
Toyota logo

Where to buy a new Toyota in Malawi, three dealers to choose from.

Looking to buy a new Toyota in Lilongwe, Malawi. Visit one of the three Toyota showrooms Lilongwe Toyota Located...
Anglican church donate bible to students

Anglican Church donates Bibles to SCOM students

Anglican Church donates Bibles to studentsDiocesan Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi Reverend Dr  Fanuel Magangani on Tuesday donated...
Vladimir Putin and Emmerson Mnangagwa

Fantasy that Mnangagwa would fix Zimbabwe now fully exposed

David B. Moore, University of Johannesburg As of January 18, more than 12 people had died, no less than...