Gender based violence refers to the violence that targets individuals or groups on the basis of their gender.
As the meaning states, the most common type of violence here in Malawi is physical and sexual violence.
The fact of it all here in Malawi is that physical and sexual violence is mostly done to children and young people.
Brief description
The Violence against Children and Young People in Malawi survey (VACS) reveals that more than 60% of all Malawians were violated during their childhood
The evidence from VACS establishes that young adults who suffered childhood abuse experience higher rates of distress, greater prevalence of smoking and alcohol abuse, more frequent procurement of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and higher rates of self-harming behaviors as adults.
Because of all these facts, violence has affects a lot of people’s ability to be responsible and productive citizens and future parents.
What does the Constitution of Malawi say about Violence?
Section 27 of the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi says that;
No person shall be held in slavery or servitude.
Slavery and the slave trade are prohibited as such no person shall be subject to forced labor.
And no person shall be subject to tied labor that amounts to servitude/bondage /slavery.
The same Constitution of the Republic of Malawi under section 23 it states that;
Children are entitled to be protected from economic exploitation or any treatment, work or punishment that is or likely to be hazardous, interfere with their education, or be harmful to their physical, mental or spiritual or social development.
Is the Government of Malawi shaken with all these violence’s?
Ooh yes! The government is doing all its best since VACS is the first national survey on that provides a unique opportunity for the Government of Malawi to come join hands with stakeholders from various sectors and collaborate towards the achievement of the common goal of protecting better the most vulnerable in the society and ending violence against children and young people.
Meanwhile, gender based violence is not affecting children and young people only but also women and girls, child, early and forced marriages.

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