Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Child collecting water in Malawi

Young voters critical but hesitant in South Africa

Listen: Young voters critical but hesitant in South Africa
Artistic picture of Africa

Hopes rise with the end of Africa’s cold war

Ethiopia and Eritrea’s cold war has come to an abrupt end, sparking vast change. I speak with a political prisoner who was unlawfully detained...
climate change

Climate change: What’s happening on the ground? By Joey Bowling Green roofs, sea walls, electric cars, new shower heads, solar panels — schools and local authorities are resorting to a vast range...
Local farmer harvesting

Why eating local is a controversial way to fight climate change

Eating local seems a great way to reduce carbon emissions. So why have politicians stopped pushing the issue? And why have...
Sudanese refugee Kuol Deng

It isn’t easy migrating to America. Three refugees’ stories

Sudanese refugee Kuol Deng laughs as he explains how he watches Western movies with his daughter and son. (Photo by William Mulloy)The...
Graffiti Wall

Corruption is hurting democracy and human rights

Corruption fuels a vicious cycle. It undermines democratic institutions, and weak institutions cannot control corruption. By Lauren Heuser
Street in China

Even China’s population is falling. That may not be good news.

By Jonathan Sharp The year 2018 saw a “historic turning point” in China’s population: it began to fall. That’s...
Water: Livelihood and Scarcity

Livelihood and Scarcity: Water in East Africa

Extreme weather due to climate change is wreaking havoc on East Africans who depend on the soil, rivers and lakes to survive.